2017 Calgary Magic Circle Lecture Pass

We’re not messing around.
If you don’t act on this, the Calgary Magic Circle is going to vanish.

Give it to me straight, doc. The Calgary Magic Circle has experienced dwindling participation at meetings and events for the past few years. People have their various reasons for not being a member, or not attending our regular meetings. I’m not going to get into that right now. Here’s the pressing issue…

Unless we get a major commitment of your attendance, the magic lecture series is going to be cancelled.

This is the tour that brings world champions and stars of magic like the legendary Michael Ammar, Spanish card master Dani DaOrtiz, children’s magic expert Danny Orleans, and many more to Calgary so they can share their magic, experience, and tricks of the trade. This tour is an opportunity for all Calgary magicians to grow in their art.

Right now we are in serious danger of losing it all.

It’s simple math. For the past three years the club has been losing money on every lecture. We’ve tried to keep ticket prices low, and affordable for our members. However, the cost of fees, flights and hotels for our guest presenters simply adds up far beyond ticket sales. The club has been scraping by on savings, subsidizing these events, but that source has dried up. Without immediate intervention, the well is dry and next year’s tour will be cancelled.

If you want the opportunity to get personal instruction from some of the best magicians in the world, you have to speak up now.

We need your commitment in order to sign on for the 2017 tour. The only way the CMC executive can sign the deal for next year is with your support for the ENTIRE year. Picking and choosing one or two lectures is not sustainable. To move forward, the only option is an annual lecture subscription.

With your support we have five more great lectures coming this year. To keep this amazing resource in Calgary, we’re asking you to make a commitment to all 5 lectures that will run from now until November.

Here’s what’s coming up

  • February 20th – Kenrick ICE McDonald
  • May 1st – Jon Allen
  • June 18th – 20th – “Silly Billy” David Kaye (Exact date TDB)
  • August 28th – Jörg Alexander
  • November 12th – Bizzaro (Exact date TDB)

The season promises great variety with magicians from a variety of backgrounds. Ice McDonald is a world-class dove worker, and stage magician who will inspire you to put more heart into your performances.

World-Champion IBM Close-Up Magician, and London’s Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year Jon Allen will bring some high-caliber tricks for your repertoire.

Recognized as one of the best children’s entertainers around the world, “Silly Billy” will be touring on the release of his massive new book “Super Sized Silly” with 150 new routines for your kids show.

Winning FISM medals in two categories is just a hint of Jorg Alexander’s creative talent as a magician. Well known in Germany and Europe it is a rare treat to have him coming to our part of the world.

The final lecture of 2017 will be Bizzaro, a wildly creative magician who will share his spark of ingenuity, how he brings ideas to life by building his own props, and creates new ideas at a rapid pace.

Here’s the deal

Lecture ticket prices remain the same as past years at $25 for members. That gets you access to the lecture, the chance to learn from masters with personalized instruction. (not like a convention when you are in a room with hundreds of magicians) You get to personally meet our guest, ask questions, get hands-on help with the tricky moves. And, in many cases, the lecture goes into overtime with a trip to a nearby pub to chat magic late into the evening.

In order to continue hosting the tour, we need you to make the commitment for all five lectures, at $125.

Before the club executive can sign on for the tour, we need this commitment from 28 Calgary magicians to hit our goal and keep this series, and the club, alive.

We’re sweetening the pot

If you show your support for magic in Calgary, we’ve got some friends who are willing to pitch in some bonus items for you.

  • Calgary Magic Circle Membership – Get full member access for the rest of this year, plus all of the 2017/2018 season so not only will you get five lectures, but you can create a stronger magic community as you join us for our regular schedule of magic jams and get-togethers. We share tricks, and help each other smooth out technique, brainstorm ideas, and become better magicians. $30 value, included as a Free Bonus!
  • Magic Book: C.L. Boarde’s “One on One Mentalism”, a 107 page book detailing mind-reading tricks with business cards, and the Grandmother Of All Book Tests. Donated by Paul Alberstat, this $50 book is a free gift when you get your lecture pass!
  • Magic Book: “Finding The Funny”, A professional entertainer’s guide to improvisation, ad-libs, and audience interaction!
    Learn the techniques to creating inspired moments of comedy, and getting the best out of your audience volunteers. Daryl, the Magician’s Magician said about this book: “Wow… a wonderful piece of work.” Donated by Ryan Pilling, and a $20 value for you!
  • Axel Hecklau Lecture Ticket – Axel will be lecturing in Edmonton on April 9, and all Lecture Pass holders get in for free – a $20 value
  • For each lecture we will hold a random drawing of season subscribers and pick two winners of “the best seat in the house”

It’s your call…

5 lectures, $100 worth of free bonus items, and a year of inspiring magic. We need you to help make this happen.

Pay $125 right now, and you’re set for the whole year. Or, spread it out with four monthly payments of $33.

Questions & Answers

How many people are needed to make this work? The club needs 28 magicians to commit to the full year in order to keep it sustainable.

What happens if we don’t hit our goal? The next two lectures (Ice McDonald and Jon Allen) are already set, so you would have your ticket to those all set. The balance ($75) will be refunded, and the remainder of the lecture series would be cancelled.

What happens when we exceed the goal? Great! We’ll be back on the path to having a strong magic community in Calgary, with thriving events, participation, and sharing magic.

What if I can’t make it to all the lectures? We still need your support to keep this in Calgary. Unfortunately we can’t offer refunds for individual lectures. The dates are posted long in advance so you can make plans. If you miss a lecture, you can always come to the next club meeting and we’d be happy to share what we learned!