The Calgary Magic Circle Executive team is the group of volunteers who work to make the club possible. If you’d like to help out and see a Vacant position please let any member of the Executive know, we’d love to have you.

Elected Positions

International Brotherhood of Magicians Territorial Vice President
Alberta & Saskatchewan: Kent Wong

  • Provides a link between IBM members and the Board of Trustees to promote cooperation and communication
  • Gives assistance, advice, and ceremonial support to each ring in the territory

President: Dan Stephenson

  • Coordinates the agenda, venue, themes and activities for each meeting
  • Calls executive meetings as needed
  • Authorizes minor decisions and petty cash disbursements/expenses
  • Automatically becomes Past-President after their term as President

Vice President: Steve Olson

  • Assists the President in coordinating the meetings
  • Assists the President in day-to-day operations of the club
  • Acts as President, in the absence of the President
  • Has usually held a previous position on the Executive

Past President: Charles Silbernagel

  • Provides guidance and consultation to President

Secretary: Vacant

  • Writes and submits an article to the Linking Ring for each club meeting or event
  • Generates minutes for the “business” portion of the club, executive, and annual general meetings; if secretary will be absent, onus on secretary to find someone else to record minutes.
  • Processes club membership applications
  • Collects contact information for members, non-members, etc.
  • Accepts due payments, on behalf of Treasurer
  • Coordinate with Sergeant at Arms, for maintaining the member database

Treasurer: Yeats Wong

  • Collect dues, fees, revenues
  • Disburse expense payments, etc.
  • Track revenues and expenses
  • Coordinate with Sergeant at Arms, regarding paid-up members

Sargent At Arms: Vacant

  • Verifies attendees at meetings are paid up members to guest in accordance with rules
  • Notifications regarding upcoming meetings and events
  • Welcome new guests; collect contact information to inform them of future events
  • Coordinate with Treasurer/Secretary re member/guest database

Member At Large: Vacant

  • Provides input at Executive meeting
  • Has voting right, same as Executive positions
  • Traditionally chairs an event (BBQ, Fundraiser, etc)

Non-Elected Positions

These members are appointed by the Executive, and are not eligible to vote on executive decisions.

Junior Magic Club Coordinator: Ryan Pilling & Charles Silbernagel

  • Runs the Junior Magic Club

Fundraising Coordinator: Vacant

Lecture Coordinator: Rob Vanden Heuvel